Mark Samuel: Action Coach

“Coming to Gerry’s workshop made me think about the importance of interactive experiences and gave me the tools that I can use to tell stories more effectively.”

Ken Blackwell: Principal – InKlaritas

“Gerry helped affirm the power of story and how to put some life into my stories and to use them to sell myself and connect with my clients.”

Jim Ryan: Consultant – Welvu

“Loved the format of Gerry’s presentation, very Interactive and he had us share some of our stories from our work and life…”

Jeff Evernham: Informationist – Knowledgent

“I picked up a number of tips to incorporate into my life work as well as my business work, to be more authentic and connect.”

Joel Vardy: GPSEG Innovation Sub Group Chair

“I was impressed by Gerry’s presentation about telling complicated stories in simple ways that people can digest, and he reignited my passion for telling stories as well.”

B2B and Professional Service Providers Work with Gerry Lantz To Tell The BrandStory Only They Can Tell