Client Stories

In a world where people are more inclined to express anger and frustration, we want to thank our clients for taking the time to tell us when they think we did a good job.

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David H. Lyman

Founder and Director / Media Workshops International

Gerry provides a good look at the value of stories in today’s culture . . . and how to craft them.

Tony De Rubeis

/ Forte Enterprises,Inc. Management Consulting

Gerry Lantz contributes a fresh array of alternatives and improvements into what has sadly become for many, mundane and pedantic business communication. He identifies and clarifies ambiguity with a sharp focus; all with a sublime simplicity so effortless, you’ll wonder why you couldn’t. His innate ability to remain true to the objective replete with invaluable insights into the product and or customer, is his hallmark of communication. Whether persuading, analyzing, teaching or just telling a story, he will improve your writing, presentation and speaking skills in short order. I highly recommend Gerry and his STORIES THAT WORK™ process for any of the aforementioned applications in any field.

Doug Vollenwerde

Sr. Mgr. Corporate Marketing & Branding / Black & Veatch

I can apply Gerry’s “3×3 Strategic Story” immediately to my work. Also, his “Action, Backstory, Climax, Destination–ABCD” formula. Gerry is very engaging and has a lot of passion for the topic. He comes at you in a different way and that’s a good thing. Very constructive.

Kathy Wiseman

President / Working Systems

I contacted Gerry when I was working with a board of a large family foundation that included family and non-family trustees. I had as a goal for the meeting the communication of different points of view around sensitive topics. I called Gerry and in two conversations, Gerry suggested multiple narrative formats that I could use to design the meeting. With the help of his suggestions, the board members spoke personally about their own experiences and thinking–their story with regard to the foundation. As each story was told, listening occurred and the board members saw the value and meaning of the differences. I recommend Gerry and STORIES THAT WORK for help with cultural, organizational, and strategic development that is innovative, authentic.



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