Meet Gerry Lantz

Gerry Lantz has been telling brand stories his whole working life.

He didn’t jump on the “brand story bandwagon,” he helped build the bandwagon before “brand story” became a trendy term. Since then, Gerry has been driving that bandwagon around helping clients connect their businesses, organizations, products and people to customers, fans, employees and their communities. Brand Storytelling is not new. It is what smart branding has always been: The art of expressing an idea, product or service with functional relevance and re-assuring humanity that it captivates, inspires and moves people in a memorable way — one that can be owned in the market. It’s a lot more than mere authenticity. And it doesn’t happen by accident.

Gerry often describes himself as a “creative guy in a business suit.”

After more than 30 years in marketing, advertising and communications, he created STORIES THAT WORK™, a series of narrative-based branding, strategy, and communication tools, that help B2B, Non-Profit, B2C, and professional service clients make the cash register ring.  Clients who work with Gerry experience new insights that not only re-direct their brand, but their entire way of doing business.

Gerry is a “trench-proven” creative executive

He contributed to the growth and success of such clients as Unilever, Hershey Foods, and Hasbro Toys among others, while an officer at Ogilvy and DDB. As CMO at Ferrero USA, the makers of Tic Tac, Rocher, and Nutella, he directed marketing, sales, advertising, public relations, promotions and research initiatives for both global and domestic brands. He consults with corporations, communications companies, design firms, ad agencies, and executives across North America.

Real Recognition:

Gerry has received two Effies™, the American Marketing Association award for sales effectiveness, two David Ogilvy Awards™ for creativity and sales effectiveness, and the Toy Marketing Association’s Award for Best Marketing, Advertising, & Promotion of 2000.

B2B and Professional Service Providers Work with Gerry Lantz To Tell The BrandStory Only They Can Tell