Our Story

Brand Performance and Brand Message Experts

The goal of STORIES THAT WORK™ is to cut through the same-old, same-old business blah-blah and boilerplate. Using our tools, Gerry helps others create powerful, personal stories that grow businesses and the people in them.

Our Brand Stories focus on a variety of business and organizational areas:

LEADERSHIP: Drives belief, trust, aspirations, and action
STRATEGY: Simplifies plans to inspire action, change, and results
SELLING: Dials up the persuasive power of a pitch
SUCCESS: Celebrates what works or makes case histories compelling
BRAND VALUES: Creates a branded experience and message that sells
CULTURE: Defines a company’s character, competencies, and values
FINANCIAL: Draws out the strategic narrative hidden in the numbers


Getting Down to Business

We guide executives who struggle to turn language into thought, action and results

Ask yourself: “Does our brand align with who we aspire to be? If not, perhaps its time to find new life in your existing brand. Does your brand linger easily in the mind? Even B2B brands are learning the value of messages with meaning beyond mere logic (cost, durability, flexibility, customizable, easy-of-use, etc).

Crafting a Winning BrandStory

We simplify brand strategies, and through collaborative effort, get the best thinking across your complete enterprise. We bind everyone’s commitment by inviting all to participate.

Stories That Work helps leaders communicate the larger story of their organization… the one that lights the way forward while amplifying what you do best right now. Our work involves a broad range of business needs: devising plans and strategy, selling, creating and clarifying branding, defining success and culture, and exercising leadership.

Stories Solve these Problems
  1. When extraordinary people aren’t achieving extraordinary results.
  2. Strategic Planning has become an end result in itself.
  3. Your Closing Rate is Poor and Sales are Declining.
  4. Bullet points don’t move markets — or products… because they don’t move people.



B2B and Professional Service Providers Work with Gerry Lantz To Tell The BrandStory Only They Can Tell