Client Stories- Full-List

In a world where people are more inclined to express anger and frustration, we want to thank our clients for taking the time to tell us when they think we did a good job.


Linda Wedul

CAE Director of Member Relations and Marketing / Minnesota Society of CPAs

Thank you for developing and presenting a persuasive copywriting course for the MNCPA that participants described as re-energizing. The effort you put into personalizing the course with examples from the MNCPA website and print materials made a big impact and demonstrated the extra effort and research you put into preparing a customized course. Your ability to create a positive learning environment was critical to engaging participants and moving us out of our comfort zones. With a participant rating of 5.0 on knowledge, it is clear you are an expert on this topic. Your course kicked us out of a copywriting rut and onto a new creative path.

Aimee Villella, Partner

Associate Director Learning & Development / Ogilvy

Gerry Lantz is a great business communications instructor. He uses his 5 CoreStory Outlines for Business Documents to shape his curriculum at multiple levels. He also draws upon his years of relevant advertising, marketing, and business experience. to create relevant and custom course materials that meet Ogilvy’s learning needs. Gerry is a fantastic presenter – he’s engaging, dynamic and his courses are interactive and fun. Our employees gain very practical knowledge from his sessions that they use immediately. They also find his individual feedback on their own writing samples extremely valuable. I enjoy working with Gerry and highly recommend him as an instructor.

Chris Gierlich

Director, Experience Design / DRAFTFCB

This course captures and delivers so much writing wisdom and put it right at my fingertips. I can apply a more persuasive structure to my business writing right away. Gerry is so human and positive.

Brenda Silva

Account Executive / Ogilvy

5 Stars. Best writing class I’ve ever taken. Gerry’s presentation is clear, the content completely relevant, and his style is perfect for those who are scared to write and read in public.

Jon Morgan

Copywriter / R/GA

Gerry made the entire room feel welcome and unafraid to share their work and ideas. I will now write clearer and simple emails. Gerry is persuasive, engaging and energetic.

Lianne Sheffy

Account Executive / MR YOUTH

Gerry boosted my writing confidence by arming me with the tools to deliver efficient and authentic business writing. I look forward to cutting the crap out of my emails and delivering writing in a concise and sincere manner.

Shirley Wong

Associate Director, Data Intelligence / R/GA

Gerry is very charismatic and understand the challenges and barrier to persuasive communication in business.

Kyla Applegate

Associate Account Executive / MR. YOUTH

The 5 CoreStory Outlines for Business Documents is going to vastly improve my business writing. With them, I can cut the fluff and make my communications more precise.

Chuck Guariglia

Director, Career Development / OgilvyOne

I strongly recommend Gerry Lantz to any company which wants to give itself an extra edge. Because when it comes to teaching writing skills to mid-level and senior managers, I know of no better coach and mentor than Gerry. For us here at OgilvyOne, he has gotten rave reviews for both his advanced business writing course and his seminar on “How to Write and Manage E-mails”. The content is relevant because he uses writing samples from students’ own workflow. He tailors everything and gives loads of individualized attention so that outcomes are relevant to both the student and the organization. And that’s why we bring him back again and again.

Gina Ciniglio, Partner

Account Supervisor / Ogilvy

I printed Gerry’s “5 CoreStory Outlines for Business Documents” and have them on my wall. After applying them a couple of times, business writing, even complicated documents, became second nature. Gerry’s course doesn’t just cover how to write, but how to think. He teaches you how to use writing as a way to organize your thoughts.

Robert Sadowski

Senior Producer / R/GA

Gerry taught me to think more and therefore, write less. He is down to earth, clearly someone who has been in the trenches.

Liz Solomon

Account Executive / Ogilvy

Gerry is very in-tune with current communication needs . . . refreshing to see that someone feels our pain.

Maryanne DePresco, Partner

Management Supervisor / Ogilvy

Gerry Lantz is excellent – smart, straight-shooter, relevant, receptive, constructive, balanced and inspirational. Have already begun to employ the learning.

David H. Lyman

Founder and Director / Media Workshops International

Gerry provides a good look at the value of stories in today’s culture . . . and how to craft them.

Tony De Rubeis

/ Forte Enterprises,Inc. Management Consulting

Gerry Lantz contributes a fresh array of alternatives and improvements into what has sadly become for many, mundane and pedantic business communication. He identifies and clarifies ambiguity with a sharp focus; all with a sublime simplicity so effortless, you’ll wonder why you couldn’t. His innate ability to remain true to the objective replete with invaluable insights into the product and or customer, is his hallmark of communication. Whether persuading, analyzing, teaching or just telling a story, he will improve your writing, presentation and speaking skills in short order. I highly recommend Gerry and his STORIES THAT WORK™ process for any of the aforementioned applications in any field.

Doug Vollenwerde

Sr. Mgr. Corporate Marketing & Branding / Black & Veatch

I can apply Gerry’s “3×3 Strategic Story” immediately to my work. Also, his “Action, Backstory, Climax, Destination–ABCD” formula. Gerry is very engaging and has a lot of passion for the topic. He comes at you in a different way and that’s a good thing. Very constructive.

Mike Vaughn

SVP, Exec. Group Director / Ogilvy & Mather

I recommend Gerry highly. In his current role as President of Stories That Work, I have seen him run fantastic training programs on improving all facets of personal communication, from formal written recommendations or more effective e-mails. His programs are highly engaging, involving, and very well received by participants. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Minna Hong

Account Supervisor / Gotham NYC

A straight-talking course that shows you how to cut through the clutter and make your point heard. Edit, edit, edit. Very personable.

Michelle Phillips

Account Director / Gotham NYC

I really appreciated the open yet direct and honest atmosphere. Gerry stresses “normal speak.” Too often I get overly formal in business writing. I’ll stop using “attached please find.” I will also put the desired action right upfront. I like the one-on-one edit session on our pre-course writing sample.

John Charles Scott

Account Supervisor / DRAFTFCB

Gerry’s class offers insightful and useful tools for those of us business profession who’ve gotten a little rusty and need some tuning up. The content and Gerry’s style are just awesome.

Lauren Durand

Strategic Planner / Momentum Worldwide

Thank you so much. Your workshop was extremely helpful! I work in a multitude of capacities (research, new business coordination, managing our internship program and various other internal projects), so it meant a lot to me that I was able to extrapolate learnings into all areas of my unique role. I look forward to implementing your lessons.

Blythe Green

Account Executive / Ogilvy & Mather

For many entry level associates, the transition to business writing is a difficult one. I strongly suggest Gerry’s course for anyone new to the workforce.

Bill Ehninger

Account Supervisor / Gotham NYC

Gerry gets you writing the second you start the course and you can see improvement immediately. He’s great, engaging and obviously knows his stuff.

Manisha Marberry

Account Executive / MR YOUTH

Gerry did a fantastic job of sharing his knowledge on the best way to communicate internally and to clients. He did a great job of balancing positive feedback and ways we could improve.

Fred Seddon

Assistant Account Executive / MR YOUTH

The class was engaging, entertaining, and incredibly useful. I plan on spending half the time doing twice as much four times as effectively.

Carlene Mahanna

Creative Recruiter / R/GA

Gerry Lantz rocks the writing game!!

Devin Quinn

Account Supervisor / MR YOUTH

Captivating, eloquent, and plain old smart. Gerry corrected more writing mistakes in an hour than most schools do in a year.

David Price

Design Director / Modern SBC

Gerry calls it like he sees it, hears it and smells it. And sometimes he smells it first. I suggest giving your own brand message, marketing pitch and web content a good sniff. If it isn’t real and smelling like roses, Gerry can help your business get to the heart of who you are and express it in real human language.

David B. Schlosser

Writer, Editor / Communications Professional

Gerry’s activities are directed at personal understanding and he is surprisingly adept at seeing through the natural defenses we erect to protect ourselves and our orgnaizations from the change we need to envision and make.

Kathy Wiseman

President / Working Systems

I contacted Gerry when I was working with a board of a large family foundation that included family and non-family trustees. I had as a goal for the meeting the communication of different points of view around sensitive topics. I called Gerry and in two conversations, Gerry suggested multiple narrative formats that I could use to design the meeting. With the help of his suggestions, the board members spoke personally about their own experiences and thinking–their story with regard to the foundation. As each story was told, listening occurred and the board members saw the value and meaning of the differences. I recommend Gerry and STORIES THAT WORK for help with cultural, organizational, and strategic development that is innovative, authentic.

David Lyman

Founder & Director / Media Workshops International

Gerry . . . one of my more memorable events at the conference was meeting you . . . The writing exercise, the editing brought greater clarity to my future plans. The simple act of editing, of having to say something with fewer words has always been a good way to see what it is you are searching for. I do it every day, but seldom apply it to my personal direction. Good exercise.

Liza Sichon

Executive HR Coach

I followed the Stories that Work strategy, tips and techniques. Instead of focusing on me, I focused on my target market, as Gerry said — its all about them. I hired a professional web designer to do the work, Gerry’s tip as well. I couldn’t be prouder of the product and best of all, my clients love my new website. They said it was clear, had ‘eye appeal’ and was super easy to navigate, most importantly, it spoke ‘with’ them, not ‘at’ them, again, as Gerry advised. In addition to all his knowledge and expertise, Gerry is a delight to work with, very generous and supportive. Thank you Gerry!.

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