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Stories That Work
When leaders and executives need strategic insight, the collaboration of the troops, and everyone to deliver the promises and services of their brand, narrative is a powerful tool.
STORIES THAT WORK®,INC.(STW) helps corporate leaders . . .

• who want every stakeholder to own and act upon the business strategy,

• who may not have exploited all the growth possibilities in their brands including the internal corporate brand,

• and who seek to unify all stakeholders around a culture that supports these efforts.

Clients who work with us enjoy greater collaboration and engagement with managers up and down the line as well as the rank and file.

We help businesses overcome challenges where creativity, collaboration, and corporate or brand values play a key role.

• Leaders must set and communicate a new agenda and need everyone to "sign-on" and contribute.

• Infuse business or communications strategies with new energy and insight.

• Launch new brands or revive lagging brands; develop new products.

• Build, evolve and strengthen corporate cultures so everyone pulls together around the strategy and lives the culture.

Leaders and corporations who work with use powerful narrative tools to:

• Develop their strategic story by accessing the best thinking of everyone.

• Launch or re-energize brands' stories with consumers and the trade.

• Capture operational and selling success stories about "what works and why."

• Open up communication and cause listening that supports a collaborative culture.

• Tie leadership, learning, and culture tightly to revenue and profit goals.

-- create and launch new brands and find new life in established brands
-- simplify strategy development and make it a collaborative effort to get the best thinking and everyone's commitment
-- develop supportive and flexible cultures that can adapt to change
-- help leaders communicate the larger story of the company and the way forward
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